How to rebrand an iOS app efficiently?

Let's say you built an excellent iOS app, it became highly successful and because of that, some people came to you and asked if you could rebrand it so they can use it in their own organisation. If the proposed conditions are convenient (you want to sell your app like that, you are pleased with the money you get, etc.), you'll do it in a reasonable amount of time: just change the logo, app name, a few more things and you're set. You can even submit the new version to the App Store. After you finish rebranding your app for one or two customers, some other customer comes and tells you that he needs at least 100 rebranded versions of your app. What will you do? You managed to rebrand your app for a few customers, but to create another 100 versions?! It's definitely going to take a lot of time which the client probably doesn't have. Fortunately, we can help you speed things up a bit. In this blog post we will tell you how we managed to create over 50 rebranded versions of an app using some ruby scripts, in just 2 days! We will present the "problem statement", provide and explain code snippets and reveal a nice surprise at the end of this post. If it sounds interesting, it certainly is, so let's get to it.

Handling Canon DSLR cameras from Objective-C Mac OS X app

For one of our clients we had to use professional cameras to take pictures of various objects inside a warehouse. Therefore, we created a Mac OS app that does what the client needs. The Mac app is connected to 3 DSLR cameras to take quality pictures of the shipments boxes and the items stored in them. We apply some image processing on these pictures to detect items, barcodes and documents. So, in what follows we will talk about handling Canon DSLR from Mac OS Application.