Personalised cloud desktop for schools


About the app

LaunchPad for ClassLink is an iOS and Android mobile app intended for teachers and students to better collaborate in class and outside of school. You have access to all your apps, files and classes from anywhere. Accessible from any device, Launchpad is ideal for BYOD and 1 to 1 initiatives.

To provide the best user experience, we integrated Single Sign-On (SSO) in our app. The users are able to sign in once on a website and afterwards they will be automatically logged in by our app.

Furthermore, using the Remote Desktop Protocol technology (RDP), we provided users the possibility of running existing Windows apps, right from Launchpad.

Within the My Files section are integrated cloud drive services like Google DriveDropbox and OneDrive, such that you can access all your files from all your cloud drive services in one screen. Here you are able to upload, delete, and copy files from any service you have enabled. Furthermore, you are allowed to copy a file from one cloud drive service into any of the enabled cloud services.

iPhone app:

iPad app: