Hello world!

Hello! We are X2 Mobile, a mobile software development company located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The mobile technologies for which we develop apps are iOS and Android, and we also develop apps for Mac OS X. This is our first blog post in which we will introduce ourselves, tell you why we started a blog and what we plan to write in it.

The main activity of our company is to work as freelancers for clients around the world, but we also developed some in-house applications. Feel free to check out our portfolio to see the complete list of relevant apps that we worked on.

Furthermore, maybe you're wondering where does the name X2 Mobile come from? The name was picked by the 2 founders which were developing mobile iOS apps. Also, the notation for retina display image resources is @2x in iOS, so this was another factor that led to this name. Today though, our team changed its structure a bit and it consists of 3 members: one of the initial founders, George Purusniuc, and other 2 software engineers. All of us are contributing to this blog, therefore we hope that the content that appears here will reflect the "spirit" of the company.

Enough about us, let's talk about this blog and why we started it. The main reason is that we want to share the most interesting software development challenges that we encountered and how we approached them. We think that many software engineers might have encountered the same issues that we did, but maybe we were put in some situations in which other developers were not. Or at least not yet. Therefore, we want to share those moments and how we managed to get through them, so that other developers are prepared if they ever come across such issues.

The content of each blog post, as you might have guessed, will contain the description of the problem that is discussed, our proposed solutions and code snippet examples, all of them being explained. As an extra, some blog posts will have references to the solution's source code.

There might be cases when our solution can be improved, or maybe we didn't explain something very well, or you just want to thank us, criticise us or give us advice. For those situations, we encourage you to write a comment in the comments section below and tell us what's what, or check out the other available means of contact in the contact section of our website. We really want to know what you think about what we're doing, so feel free to leave feedback.

Thank you for reading so far, that's it for our first blog post. We look forward to "seeing" you again in the next ones!